sebuah review dari series two records di sebuah blog

Fantastic June is this really cool band I had discovered in May. My friend Pang in Taiwan (he’s the one with the amazing indie pop record shop called Smash Hit Productions) had them among their friends list on myspace and I went to their page and heard the stuff and instantly fell in love with their songs.

Fantastic June comes from Indonesia. They make some really lovely songs. The lyrics, the vocals and the melodies are oh so lovely. I’d highly recommend them for anyone that enjoys the songs of Kings Of Convenience, Sondre Lerche and Club 8 (thanks for the Club 8 reference Ian). Fantastic June is due to appear on Series Two Records Volume 7 compilation that will be released on July 8.

Since I discovered Fantastic June in the month of May I couldn’t think of a more suitable free mp3 for this blog posting than their song “May”. Here is an acoustic version of their song “May” courtesy of YouSendIt

If you want to be their friend on myspace or to check out more songs go here:

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